Saturday, July 05, 2008

J.W Young and Son reel

I was fortune enough to obtain this reel from a friend, Ron, a master of fine tuning J.W Young and Son reels. This reel showed some history of fishing, (probably see more fish than I do) this is the main reason I bought this reel, not only the beauty of the pure art, but the history of it. Sure enough and out of my expectation, this reel is really good regard to "actual" fishing.
Some of my friend may say: " Oh, Mark love fancy, large arbor reels". I confess, but this is only partially true. I am a fisherman more than a collector. I fish hard with my every piece of equipment. If I have equipment more than I can take care of, I always loan them out to my friends to “train them” : p “Function” is the top priority to me.
This is probably is the main reason that I am late in involving in the antique reels. I “thought” they are old and not be able to perform well. My loss, indeed : ) The actual fishing with this reel really prove itself is a well functioning reel… this reel’s smoothness and beauty is really blowing me away. This reel is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, not a large arbor reel obviously, so I fill up certain amount of backing and it become a mid arbor reel. It is a good news to me, because I retrieve and strip my line “a lot”. The reel is just pure beauty, an artsy reel! The sounding and the smoothness of the reel is really a bonus, A plus! As Ron mentioned in the description: 3-1/2" Beaudex, LHW Conversion

I'm sure you can find a reel with better cosmetics, but I'm also sure you can't find one with better mechanics. I rebuilt it with a new latch plate assembly, tuned it to LHW , and moved the line guard, drilled and tapped to the original thread. Function of the check and tensioner is perfect. Wind is effortless, pay starts light and comes on quickly with the Regulator adjustment. Weight is 7 oz., which is right for 8' to 9' cane or glass.
Capacity is a DT4 or WF7 with ample backing.
I can offer it with a brass YoungPfoot, which will fit any reel seat for$, shipped, insured (within US - I can quote international shipping).
Or, with the original square-ended foot, which should fit anything except the most modern sliding bands, for $.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, I know you are enjoying these reels-they are beautiful and just as functional...


Hey Vlad,

Those are wonderful little reels. Thanks for the suggestion... you know I found it's beauty in one of your trout photo. They are really classic and beautiful. The sounding of the beaudex is really a bonus... I try to hook a striper (see the lower photo) but haven't get any success yet... maybe the striper will get me in trouble, ha.

flyfishingunlimited said...

I remember an old magazine article about New Jersey stripers in the surf, written by an old-timer who used big Beaudex reel. Actually, that was the first time I heard about Beaudex reels.

Hope you get a nice one on your new reel...


wonderful! Vlad,

I love the stories about old timers. I feel the history by fishing those vintage tackles... just wonderful! Thanks! : )