Sunday, July 13, 2008

A great report from a friend - fishing with kids

I just read this great thread from a forum, and I thought if this thread can give me some sweet smile, it should give other people the same feel as well. So here is the link.
I am a photo gig as always and this is a heritable character that I got from my Dad. You won't believe how many photos we have now... a room... no kidding... My families love taking photos and so do I. I was really into documentary photography when I was in my college age. Literally I was living in the darkroom. I especially love the documentary photography. I will stare on a old family photo for a while, just try to figure out some funny questions...e.g why there is a dog in that photo? what job they have? why they have funny hairdo? This is trivia, but I love the process of making a connection...yes I love day dreaming too. Good photos share similar elements. One of them is "the connection" between photographer and the subject. This is the connection that convert photographer's concern into the photo, or say the concerns later emit from the photo to people viewing it. I believe this this the elements attract me into the documentary photography. A famous French documentary photographer Eugene Atget, express his concerns to street people. His photos set up the fundation of this connection, even he use long exposure, tripod and glass plates. The images speak by themself, even they are monotony and blury.

I love family photos! And enjoy seeing those connections in them. Cameron's photos always speak by themself. I think he got "special eyes". Hope you enjoy it too.


Cameron said...

Mark...I am honored to have made your blog again and with such kind words. Thank you.



Great thread and photos that you have posted! It brought me a lot of old sweet memories! : )

Hitoshi said...

Hi Mark,

I read a thread of cameron, too
It is a great photographI think his family love to be a felt splendid trip
Wooly bugger cafe is good, too
I want a paper bag


Ha Hitoshi,

I am thinking the same thing too... maybe next time we will ask Cameron to bring us some of those neat bags : )

Cameron said...

They will laugh at me...but next time I am up there I'll ask for a stack of paper bags. HA!

Their coffee is really excellent and dark. Great for drip coffee making.