Saturday, July 05, 2008

fly patch

I am not really a dryfly guy, as some of you noticed, my dry fly box is always "skinny", and most of them probably were Elk Hair Caddis flies. One of the reason, to me, is too much work for dryfly fishing... how come? I have to constantly put up a floatant to make the dry flies float well. I need to shake the extra water off and have to do the extra cast. The fish are always picky about how the dry flies look...I have to constant change flies to coax them up. When I hook into fish, the dryfly is done of his work that day... I need to change a fly again. Well, the reason I like Elk Hair Caddis is because they are the exceptions. : P Ha... I am a lazy guy, I know... though I have to agree dry fly is the ultimate and most exciting way to take a fish. OK, I am getting back to dryfly fishing after practiced so many different nymphing techniques, because one of the Utan guy really light me on about the essence of dryfly fishing. His "caddis dance" in the evening are the most crazy thing I ever seen. I am convinced! And sure enough my biggest trout was taken on a caddis dance on a mid-day.

The fly patch arrived "just" on time! Thanks Hitoshi. This dry fly patch is only available in Japan, and I haven't seen any of them sold in the US. Neither saw them on the streamside (maybe I did not try hard enough : P). This patch is made by C&F company (Scientic Angler (C) distribute their products in the US, some of the CF fly box sold in US has pins in there too), very similar to regular foam patch. The patch is so light and well organized. The neat thing is they have several small pins just beneath the patch, I can load up lot's of flies in those pins (it works like fly dispensor). When the fly get wet, simply snip it off, and put the tippet through the pin, quickly tight one on. This work especially well if you know what you will be using that day. I know there is always PMD hatching in the Aug in the mid Provo.

I have been looking for this patch for a long time, I saw this from Japanese websites and photos from fishing reports. But I never get a chance to own it. Last month, when I open the gift package, I can't believe the patch is in there... one of my dream tool : ) dryfly fishing, I am coming!


floatantmania said...

Hi Mark,

This C&F Dry fly patch is good
The left purple bag is a Japanese lucky charm
This protects you


Thank you, Hitoshi.

They are excellent! I love the lucky charm. They do protecting me! It's hanging on my desk now. Thanks again. I will bring it with me while fishing in the west. I think it will help me hook a fish of life time! : )