Saturday, July 19, 2008

HUGE honor to Yuhina

It's a huge honor to yuhina illustration and Me! A great artist, Mike Reagan (Graewolf Studio), has kindly enough to offer a original work exchange with me. An great honor to me! Few days ago, the original map of patagonia and few other prints arrived. Words can not discribe how amazing they are, neither my scanner can judge the true vivid colors. Just want to share this excitment to friends and families. Mike's watercolor works are full of rich details and also surrounded by charmy mystery atmosphere. It's quite a adventure in viewing his great works! Just like the fiberglass rods we love to fish with! : ) Thank you! Mike.


graewolf said...

To Mark, my new friend:

It is my honor to have exchanged my map and prints for two of your beautiful watercolors. I love your work, it's so fee and powerful. I look forward to meeting you someday and going fishing together.

Mike Reagan


Hey Mike! Thanks for stopping by!

It's amazing how the original work looks... my scanner is not good... I guess my friends have to come to my house : )
Take care

Cameron said...

Yes...a wonderful honor indeed! Thank you for posting them here.


Cameron, original work really got some spirit in it! I really love it! I think I have to explore Patagonia by myself.