Sunday, May 25, 2008

Springtime Riverside Flowers

I went a quick fishing with a friend this afternoon, a nearby state park creek about 5 minutes away from home. The weather is wonderful for wet wading! We arrived around 4:00 pm, the hiking trail is so beautiful, lot's of plants are blooming now, a bit distracting me from fishing : ) . What a great treat! The water is almost gem clear with a little milky blue color.

There is a lot of trees along the bank, roll cast is the necessary. It's a new lesson for Martin. I let him use my trusty Heddon Pal 5wt with Rio Nymph line - a perfect match for the roll cast. It roll cast very easy that only took him 10 minutes to master out a fishable distance : P I was very surprised! I was using my "little yuhina" Lamiglass 3wt 6'6. We were targeting something different than bluegill this time... the long_eared sunfish. Here is the photos...


flyfishingunlimited said...


Those are beautiful photos of fish, rods and plants-they have a strong spring flavor!!! You captured the moments in a wonderful way!



Thanks Vlad,

It is a small water nearby, and do have a little feeling of "secret garden" : ) It's a low/clear water fishing in summer time. I did enjoy the small scene, small game : )