Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Adventure?

Lately, there is some thing developed in my head. An idea! Pretty strange idea that I haven't figure it out yet. It is something about adventure... about exploration. In my daily life, there are so many things need to be done with "predicted results"... I am thinking why those "predicted results" are killing me? Are there any other way to make a daily life into an adventure? maybe... At the same time I am also browsing AEG (angling exploration group) website, and think about expeditions... Life with filming and fishing probably is "the dream" of most of us - keen anglers. However, is this kind of extreme expedition is what I really want and dream about? Not quite?! I am thinking some missing elements... still thinking...still shaping the idea of "adventure"


flyfishingunlimited said...

Great idea Mark... Adventure mood-it is a constant dream of every fly fisher. Maybe one day we can do an exploratory trip, where fly fishing would meet with biology and art. I can contribute the music score for the footage ;-).


Ha.... That would be awesome! Vlad,
Adventure both outdoors and in the music lab! way cool! We definately should do some fishing trips together and make some cool videos out of it! : )