Friday, May 30, 2008

Count Downd 3 - dream about sage bushes


flyfishingunlimited said...


When are you leaving on your trip? I am looking forward to reading about your adventures out west!



Thanks for stopping by, Vlad...

: ) It would be in Augest, still two months away though... I will attend a behavior meeting in Utah combine with some fishing. The meeting should be good, and I will be also fishing with those Utah people again! Very excited about it!

For some reason, I love the desert creeks a lot... the meadow, the sage bushes...and the mountains! I think I will concentrate on shooting photos this time, hopefully we will get some nice actions!

floatantmania said...


Two months pass in no time
I am look forward to the article of your trip, too

By the way, is this rod Triple Apple?


Thanks Hitoshi,

There are several gorgeous landscape we are going to explore and fish. Some would be just perfect for my little glass rod. This one in the photos is "Little Yellow" 3wt 7' 5 pieces. I still remeber this fish, she was feeding on caddis emergers in the shallow water, just before dark. I landed 3 decent fish, lost 2 in the same drop off, about 2 feet deep water. Made a 15 feet cast with a caddis emerger and a #18 mayfly nymph. It was a great day.