Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fiberglass Friend In Japan - Hitoshi-san

One of our good friends in fiberglassflyrodders - Hitoshi (a.k.a japantravelingflyfishers) have his new web-blog opened. There are lot's new perspectives about fiberglass from Japan. I thought you might be interested in visiting his nice/in depth blog. Use Google Translate you can read them in English.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Nice blog-thanks for posting the link,


floatantmania said...

Hi Mark,

I thank for introducing my blog.
I am very disappointed, but change a blog site.

I cannot carry the upload of the photograph in the case of Blogger well.
I changed it into blog of the Japanese provider for such a reason.

Please enjoy my new blog from now on



Hi Hitoshi,

Sorry for hear the problem of Blogger in Japan. It seems there are some bugs in the system.

I think switch to Japan blog provider is a good move! As you know, there are several very nice designed web-blogs from Japan! I will do some introduction to them as well. Take care, Mark