Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The Red Envelope means good luck for Chinese people. In the lunar new year(the biggest festival in Chinese society and Taiwanese society), parents or elder people give these red envelope to kids and wish them have a good luck for the coming year. Every kids knows that red envelope is great, because there are money in there usually but not always. Fortunately, my parents always put money in there. Money means satisfied desire. I know that when I were very young, and of course I know the feeling to have new toy.
There was one year, I told my father that I want to use all my red envelope money to buy a pair of binoculars, a really good one. They asked for $700 us dollars. I was sick for that one for a long time. However, my total "trophy" from my new year red envelpoe was $350. I told my father with a deep honest eyes, and said I really want this pair of binoculars. I want to use this pair for my bird research. I want to be a ornithologist. "Would you pay another half price for me?" My father say yes without a blink. I had this pair of binocular for 11 years right now. He is my best friend in the field. Although there is still long way to become a good ornithologist. I carried this good luck binocular with me. No fear on my way to PhD.


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oranges look tasty !!!
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