Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Party

Auburn, a college town, nothing special but everything just fit well. Students like to have party, gathering together and drink beers of course. Party is not a big deal as you would imagine in the big city like crazy Taipei night. Party here are based on three elements. BEERS, DRINKING BEERS and Talk. A little bit dispointed when I first realized this is the way "the party" goes, especially I knew nobody when I just got here, also, I am not a big fan of BEERS. You got to forgive me here, we Asians just don't have that much enzyme to digest these liquid. However, after couple semesters, I started to enjoy the party, the friendship, the gussips, the BEERS for sure. I like beers, announced to the public loud :P. This picture were taken from the last big party in my old house. Me and Brian cook tons of food and people brought lots of beers. It was a sweet party. And Lynn and Mike (this picture) were the mentors of my party life : )

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