Monday, February 20, 2006

I got this interesting article this morning, a science article about our unconscious brain. The authors claimed that we tend to make a better decision if we go with our gut! This is so true to me. The more I calculate, the worse it truns out. I guess the more I mulled over one thing, the more I see the detail and lost the BIG PICTURE at the same time(as the article mentioned). I have a habit that I call it "incubate a idea". Everytime I have a new idea or a difficulty, I sit them aside. Think of them once a while, a little bit, not too much. I "incubate" them. It might be take a few days or a few weeks and the resolution pop out without my expectation. Always when I was taking a shower. I guess the higher water temperture help hatching the egg "EUKARI".

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