Tuesday, January 03, 2006


MARU is a golden retriever. I first saw her was in Emi’s House. That is amazingly beautiful dog to me. She always has passion at the very beginning when she saw you. Jump around, holding toy for you. But, suddenly, like the toy with an old batteries in it, Maru fade their passion so fast, and became part of the carpet again. I guess most of the house keeping dog does this (except my another friend - TSUGA), probably they all bred to be like this. The amazing part in Maru is her fur or called hair. They are so long and soft…perfectly curving shape. That was amazing comfortable, when you touch it, you know it. And also you know that these soft MATERIAL would make a good FLY, a good brownish wooly bugger. : P. You got to forgive me here. To be a fly fisherman, I have all these fly images in my mind. I think that would be a good suggestion for Naoto that give me some Maru’s hair when she got a hair cut next time.

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