Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good Day In A Forest

- Those old good days!!-
Yesterday is Saturday, my favorite day in a week. Usually I will relax myself by slowdown everything, cook a dedicated lunch, have a beer during the midday, make a tea, listen music and have couple of easy readings. What a relax weekend! In Auburn, a college town, Saturday morning is like a pure mountain village, bird singing, wind blowing, everything is just so soft and quiet. (The truth is the college students are recovering from the craze Friday night still, on their own bed! I guess…). I love Saturday, no doubt about it. Yesterday, as usual, I went to Tuskegee forest, fishing. The river was a little bit high, but covered by a light mist fog. I stand in the middle of the creek, blended myself into the scene, so quiet. In a mystery woods, a foggy creek casting my fly smoothly, looks like an old man doing the Kung Fu in the morning park. It’s a rhythm I told myself, I caught the rhythm and feel good. A group of wood ducks jittering on the far end of the bend draws me back to the real.

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