Wednesday, May 05, 2010

wonderful gift!

It's a hot summer day, my mind was hovering with the songs of summer birds... cardinal, indigo bunting, blue grosbeak and Carolina wren... the heat really slow everything down...and make those bird's images blury... even the postman's square car seems looks melting in the distant air... I came home in search of some cool air, lucky me! There is one fresh package stuffed in my mail box. A package full of fresh memories from Japan! Thank you! Brother! There are several books and one good fishing lucky charm in there!! WOw... I am so excited to see those books! : )

The package!

a calendar with all amazing fishing photos from Sato Seiji (LINK)

I don't think this is a good idea to put up this calendar though...(get no work done, but.. fishing, ha : )

a perfect guide of PATAGONIA - what a wonderful book to introduce the company Patagonia! THE company, not just a company that make outdoors clothing, but selling/promoting a spiritual life style, a attitude and the environmental awareness. There are so many "eco-thinking" were originated from this company...

Oh... Patagonia cooking section... can not live without this... This is the first section I dig in... ha : )

Of course we can not talk about this company without mentioned the legendary outdoorsman Yvon Chouinard!

Another magazine with a great article written by Masao 坂口正夫 (aka real NICE husband!) I am so fortune to meeting him in person in Tokyo and had a great honor to have him show me around all the great shops in Tokyo! The story will come later... I promise...

This article is just awesome! remind me how serious we really are! getting serious about aquatic insects, and how much fun in learning freshwater ecology and practice the "catching"!

The men! Masao (night fisher!) and Hitoshi

The men! Hitoshi, me and Kouei (Last Samuri!) ... Thank you! Hitoshi (LINK)! : )

Kouei san is the editor of the patagonia magazine and another famous outdoors writer in Japan, see the editorial photo that he (white shirt on the right) hang out with Yvon (brown shirt)! Wow... @@ how lucky am I to meet with those people!

beer meeting... By the way... the real trip article will come... very... soooon!@@


Hitoshi said...

Hi Mark

I thank for introducing us.
The lucky charm is a famous thing for a Japanese angler.

My photograph seems to be a sumo wrestler!!! lol


Ha... Hitoshi san, you are so funny! : )

Good time! Can't wait to visit you guys again!
I will bring the lucky charm wherever I fish...

flyfishingunlimited said...

Very nice, Mark! Thanks for sharing...


Hey Vlad,

I will share some good stuff which I got from Hitoshi with you... looking forward to fish with you soon! : )