Saturday, May 29, 2010

rod testing - it's a fiber day!

been pretty busy in the lab and dealing with some field research, and... paper works... I really think I should squeeze some fishing time between sleep and research,.. A moon light strikes my head ,when I was drinking a cup of tea in my front porch, The moon says, "Mark, you should stay home to finish up the overdued paper works, but you might sneak out for a couple hours to do a stretch." Hmmm... Brilliant!... OK, the stage is set, just a short visit of a sweet spot and test some rod and line combination... Not really serious about fishing, but serious about testing some new lines...

A fenwick 909, 9 feet 9 weight fiberglass rod, paired with a 10 weight fenwick fighting handle... the fiberglass switch! I was using 240 grain 10' belly + 130 grain 14' intermediate tip. This thing really rock! It feel a bit light, but cast small pinky fly nicely! I think this would be a killer combination for the south fork, Snake! The other rod I was testing is a Heddon Pal fly/spin fiberglass rod #130 / 7'. Man, this rod feel really really "ancient" and the blank is flat out beautiful! I really love the old design! Sha-Pa desu(i.e. elegant)! It is a true lovely rod with sweet fiberglass action! I was using 8 weight sinktip line... it load well, shoot well and it catch fish! What a little surprise to me... I think this would be a wonderful kayak rod, fly or spin... life is COZY! : )

Heddon pal and a old Pfluger

it get some tug... bend to the butt and exerting the fiberpower!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Beautiful... another great story, Mark! The rods look and perform awesome, too!


Thanks Vlad,

Regard to the age of those rods, I am so surprised about the action and casting capability of those old fiberglass... needless to say the price of those rods are just a fiction of the modern rods... but any way, I do buy modern rods too... they both make me feel "balanced" Ha.. : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, I agree with you completely! It is amazing to find out how many good rods are around... Sometimes the best rod/line combination can make incredible effects, especially with modern fly lines.


Good point on the modern line! Vlad.

I was encouraged by several experts in the other forum and have some success in cutting and splicing some spey lines... it works like a charm when the weight is matched the casting style... and the choice from the wide variety of lines are just endless experimenting. Loving it! : )