Saturday, May 22, 2010

Debussy with me...

Due to several thunder storms we had last week, the river is raging now. It is colored and the strong current add a bit difficulty to the fly anglers. To my fishing style, more so. Most of my fishing are involved in small nymphs and flies... I hate casting big flies... it is not because it can't be done or I don't know how to tie those big nasty flies... It is just because I found myself not enjoy doing it... So I always try to avoid the big flies as much as possible. I like to see how big of a fish I can get from a small fly (i.e. 1 inch pinky). However, there is times, and there is exceptions. When the river is raging, I have to go big and heavy... This is the day I have to put up my bigger bunny flies with heavy dumb bell eyes... It remind me the spirit of lure fishing which I think it could be fun sometime... I arrived the woods earlier this time, the sound of the river remind me, it is time to put up those big dirty bunny flies... Sure enough, the water level are more higher than it should be. Fine, I busted my 16 feet Scott G 10/11 weight and put a biggest bunny fly I can find... cast, cast and more cast... I know it would be a another casting practice day... Well, this is striper fishing, if they are not eating, "THEY ARE NOT GOING TO EAT". I can feel the current tossing the silly little fly around...that is how I feel the 16 foot rod is a small stick, and the fly is "silly"... Well... casting practice in real river is not too bad either... few casts later I felt a quick jerking, head shake few times... I had a hookup... the current plus big madness shake equal - blow it! The leader snapped in few seconds... I don't even have a chance to put the line on reel... my heart is pumping hard for another few minutes until the other angler come... This MR. is THE old timer. I have met him and learned quite a lot from him. I love to chat with local people, the culture and conventional wisdom really the whole outing experience shine. Ice on the cake to me... He take my spot and I make a excuse to take a rest. It is fun to see him manipulate his lure, he is a very good lure fisherman, no doubt! Suddenly he make a light whistle "feee...". He is onto something... quite big I can tell from the big ugly stick bend right over... and his position just like a olympic athlete, big time! I shut out like no brainer "Hey! It is my fish" ... How silly... because he is standing on my spot and drifting my current... HA... well... suppose to be... but... not really... Good on him! I quickly pick up the camera and snap some photos... Great chance to take some fishing photos! It turns out pretty great! I really enjoy doing it, as much as fishing itself! : )
Few runs later, the fish is in, HOLY CR#@P! GOOD LORD.... I yelled out loud, this is a mothership, not a small fighter I regular get! I am glad it is on his big lure, it would break my rod in a split second... It make me think about how big is the fish I just lost... still wondering... HA... He told me, "the leader is 30 lb test"... another Wow from me. "OK, then I will just grab the leader for you..." I am scared about the two giant triple hooks... He managed to remove it and it is a giant mama... cool! I really enjoy our conversation, I opened up my coke for celebration! a great day indeed! It's Debussy in my mind!


flyfishingunlimited said...


Awesome story and a wonderful fish! You never know, next time you might get her cousin... I love Debussy-nice choice!



Thanks Brother!

Great to know you love Debussy too. I just ordered some CDs last week... Don't know why, but the river color, and the fishing experience somehow reminded me Debussy's music... impressionish, dramaish and beautiful... : )