Sunday, May 16, 2010

me and several things I love...

051510 from yuhina on Vimeo.

"me and several things I love..." this is exactly what happened on Sat...short visit and very short report... : )


flyfishingunlimited said...

Ha Mark...yet another string of beautiful pictures...way to go!!!!

I did some trout fishing yesterday, but didn't take any pics... The weather up here is finally getting warmer and more stable. I am hoping for some warmwater action in a day or two... Just wanted to let you know that your DVD arrived safely-looking forward to watching it!




Thanks Vlad,

That's great! It is so hot down here...we are begging for more rains : )

I am looking forward to read your outing report! The new rod should be awesome! : )

Glad the DVD arrived! I have 3 DVDs in that series, will circulate them with Cameron. take care, Mark

wyoflyfish said...

Nicely done Mark. You are posting some incredible photos and it looks like the fishing is treating you quite well :)

Be sure to keep me in the loop on any trips west you are planning this year. Maybe we can try to wet a line in the high country.


Thanks! Sam,

I appreciated the kind words!
Me and my brother BG are just talking about the summer trip to the west... I will give you a call when the trip is set (around Aug.)... maybe we will have a chance to fish the mountains! : )

Phil said...

I am enjoying your unique "fishing rod view" photos.
It's Been a while since you have posted any watercolors, but I have not posted any for a while either.

Take care,


Hey Phil,

Nice to hear from you!!

Yes, I am slacking on the painting... there are too much thing to do and too many good water to fish at this season... let's do some painting together soon... I think I am getting a bit rusty though... : )

BTW, I am thinking to visit Oregon in next spring... the Sandy Spey Clave looks so great... I have to visit it and maybe we will have chance to fish and paint! : )

Phil said...

Ya if make it to Oregon let me know it would be cool to meet up on a river somewhere.