Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nature, Life style, Photographer

Just saw this event in Ken's blog, it remind me a lot of things that I like. Photography definitely is one of the important elements. I love documentary film and photography. I always curious about how people in the images live, think etc... I saw this image this morning, and it start make my mind turning and wondering... what is Ken's life looks like? A professional photographer in fishing industry. It sounds like a dream job! Is he busy? Is he have to deal with a lot of thing other than photography and fishing? How he slect his targets? what is his photo philosophy? Is he got to fish a lot? What is his favorite fish and fishing style? Is he like to eat fish? all sorts of things...I guess I admire and fascinate with this kind of lifestyle... : ). His image is good because he capture the feel that fisherman feels... not just capture the beauty of the fish or scenery. I see his images more of documentary style (instead of a glamor in fashion industry). Now a day, because of the easy access and production of digital images,... (Strong opinion below) I saw a lot of "copying" in photo shooting and composing. It's kind of "scary" to see those things get amplified almost everywhere. Well, that's fine! Speak of learning all sort of photography techniques, "copying" is the essential building block to master some techniques. Like a art school student copying master pieces in the practice. But there are something special about the charm of original ideas and the documentary photography. Without understanding our subjects... we are just a glamor fashion photographer. Without the skills... documentary film could be a boring laundry list. I think Ken's photo have a little bit different than most of the fishing photographers in the game. He feel his subjects, the fish, the surrounding and fisherman and put them together as a whole package. He is actually documenting this whole experience. (To be continued later...)
Wish I could attend this Photo Expo! Shake hand with him!


Anonymous said...

nice read, i look forward to part two


Thanks Andy...

Fishing lately? Looking forward to read some early spring report! Get some stonefly hatch for us!