Saturday, March 07, 2009

Salmon Crisis

The news, just saw this from Midcurrent...
"Extinction is not an abstract thing," said Peter Moyle, speaking before hundreds of researchers at this week's Salmonid Restoration Conference, held at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

The warning, which Moyle sounded for most of the state's 31 salmon, steelhead and trout species, comes as regulators consider closing the fishing season yet another year for the California chinook -- the state's foremost salmon fishery and a standard catch for local anglers and restaurants alike.

"This is a crisis," said Moyle, a UC Davis professor who led the research behind last year's grim California Trout report.

I just had a conversation with friends last night. The migratory animals, either birds of fish. Because they used multiple habitats to complete their life cycles, they have higher chance to conflict with human activities. For salmon and trout, their need of clean, cold water from pristine forest is also our need,unfortunately. Conservation issue is just as simple as our population issue...

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