Monday, March 30, 2009

flavor in the air (2)

photo by Yuhina's Mom


Anonymous said...

Yes, spring is coming (almost completely here in BC)! I wanted to say thank you for your posts and the link. I hit you back too. :)


Thanks Hannah,

You manage a great website!love the blog as well! we will love to see Levi's art too! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Beautiful picture, Mark!!! It looks like that in the Balkans, where I come from, but not yet here in MN... soon, though (I hope)!


Hey Vlad,

Glad you are some the sakura country too ... so beautiful here now... A friend once told me... dogwood blooming... fish are running... the river still isn't on it's regular shape... but I really can't wait to swing some flies...maybe this weekend... : )

Hitoshi said...

It is wonderful cherry blossoms.

In Tokyo, cherry blossoms are in full bloom the end of this week.

Tokyo is congested by person and car, but I think it to be a splendid place only in this season.


Hey Hitoshi San,

That's great to know Tokyo is full of cherry flowers too! : ) I think my Mom would be very proud that we all enjoy the Spring time! Hitoshi, your blog always have a lot "Wow factors"... I really love the new tools you just posted! : )