Friday, June 06, 2008

Wet flies fished Dry


flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, I absolutely love this clip... You know, I remember my first trout caught on the surface fly-it took a floating wet fly. I was a kid then and threw a wet fly-it floated on the top, sideways, before it was going to sink...and a little brownie took it like a dry! I was totally shocked and sooooooo excited!

In a way, wet fly on the surface looks like crippled insect/stuck in shuck emerger or something like that.

Thanks for posting this great footage,



Wonderful story! Vlad,

Talk about the vivid childhood memories... always great!! Mine was bobber fishing for the pond cichlid fish... maybe that is the reason I like bluegill fishing "also"... besides the beloved trout fishing : P

Amazing technique to me... Vlad... you had been hiding so many great techniques we don't know... You got to write some articles... I know you will and it won't be far...Cameron is listening too : P
Thanks for sharing your stories...

I think the gentleman in the film is using figerglass rod... what do you think... the blank color, the action and the downlocked reel seat... all good! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, I liked the rod too, at first I thought it was bamboo... whatever it is, it looks awesome...his reel too!

Childhood memories are the best, it is the sense of discovery that is so special...

Mark, have you ever tried Hexagraph rods? They look interesting to me, a very cool concept, but never had a chance to try one...



Hi Vlad,

Agree!!... love the reel and the rod action!

I just checked the Hexagraph rod website... pretty interesting... a solid blank... must have a lot of "feel"... a bit pricy though... I am thinking the ugly stick are also built from solid blank (not hollow blank) right? Might just built one from ugly blank... my friend, James ,showed me his glow in the dark spin rod the other day... pretty cool actually: ) I might consider build one for night fishing, for big stripers or big browns

flyfishingunlimited said...


Ugly stick and its patented "Howald process" is actually hollow blank, but fiberglass is wrapped around the core.

Hexagraph has center of the blank filled with foam, which is supposed to give that "cane feel". If you look at, you will find some Daiwa and Bruce Walker rods on Hexagraph blanks. Some are black and some are painted to look like bamboo.

Maybe one day... I'd like to try longer lengths, should be pretty light, too.


Great info! Thanks!

I will take a closer look of those blanks! : )

Cameron said...

Mark...really a neat video to watch...and an interesting technique. Wet flies may be getting their day again since I've seen articles about them in every fly fishing magazine this spring! do have a lot of experience and ideas to draw from for articles.


agree! Cameron,

I like he said we are discovering those ancient wisdoms... it is very true... one day I will realize the essence of the fly fishing is plain simple... and already out for decades or centuries.