Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Beer, Conservation and Nudity - All Good!

I remember a friend sent a nice post card to me while he was fishing in Colorado. It's a post card painted with beautiful beer bottles and a fly rod. It was a very nice gift! It turns out this beers company is not just "a simple minded" to make a good beer. It is a pretty "complicate minded" company that have several beautiful elements that I like in there... Beer, Conservation and Nudity.... Yeah! I love them all! Check out there links and see how nudity will save our world.


Cameron said...

Mark...this is one of the coolest companies out there. We did a tour of their brewery in Fort Collins this past winter and besides building some very enjoyable beers (great wheat beers Vlad!), the way they run their company is commendable as well.

You saw my photos of the New Belgium Brewing tour...right? If not...I'll email them.


No I did not see those photos... Cameron. I would love to see them... The website is very cool and have some great ideas in it!