Saturday, June 07, 2008

First light swing

First light swung a fly through the current... it was so great to be in the first light celebrate the morning with birds... just a couple hours out and I feel refreshed again! : )


flyfishingunlimited said...

WOW Mark, absolutely beautiful river my friend, and perfect fish!!! Great style!



Hi Vlad, Thanks for the kind words! I appreciated!

I postpone the coastal trip to next month... spare some time for the lab data, and be able to spent couple early hours to enjoy the river myself. It was great to be there with the first light... the hybrids are moving in...apparently... a good morning river walk! : )

Cameron said...

Mark...that reel is really cool. It looks like you stole a wheel off a ten speed bike it's so big! I bet it can pick up some line.

Excellent photos...and getting out with the birds is really one of the best ways to start a day.

Those hybrids look like great fly fare.


Ha Cameron,

Exactly... it's too big... well... visually... (almost scare me away...) definately not as pretty as those Beaudex reels...

but they functioning extremely well... just set the drag and let the fish run...almost "unfair" to the fish... But I really do love the "line picking" speed...super fast! no coil memories to the lines also!

I bought it for striper fishing and light saltwater species... will see how well they hold up.

Cameron said...

Mark...I think it is a very cool reel...and don't let it scare you a bit. It looks right on that rod. I'd seriously think about one on a new build fiberglass fly rod.