Thursday, June 05, 2008

Morning Gifts

Every friends' visit is a gift to me. You never know how they going to enlight you, old idea or new. And the good fishing is just another bonus. A friend visited me this morning. We had a great morning today. I brought Marcus to my secret spot which I haven't visit for a long time. The fishing was awesome and most important, the friendship is wonderful!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Wow Mark,

Wonderful pictures, beautiful fish... Thanks for posting!



Thanks Vlad,

It was a great morning indeed! Bluebird sky and nice clear water...

We didn't expect catch anything,just want to be out, the river surprised me again... end up hooked some nice hybrids...

: ) nice to be out indeed!

Cameron said...

WOW...what a neat day on the water. Those fish all look pretty healthy.


Ha... Cameron,

You and Vlad are always welcome to be my grade secret spots for you guys : )

This great spot is very unique... some whitewater kayakers love it too... But this fishery is very unpredictable as well... I got skunked a lot!

I guess it add a bit mystery to this neat river... : )