Sunday, December 09, 2007

Metropolitan fishing and eating!

High sticking with a baby rod/ fiberglass/lamiglass 3wt 6'6 combined with wetfly was fun and I felt I am reunited with mother Nature and the spirit of FF again.


ME said...

Ahhh...Ikura! Gotta love them eggs! They make great breakfast omlets.

Here is the recipe...
You will need 1284 Salmon eggs, separate the yolks, whites only. Then add some tofu, bell peppers, green onions, then scramble over a medium flame. This dish only takes 15 hours to prepare... and 30 seconds to eat... : )

Great pics as always. Nice web tracker thingy. Thats wayyy better than mine!
Go fishing,


Hey Sushi Chef,

Are these kind of "special secrets" all you have learned in the restaurant!

Wow... Thanks for sharing! Got to do it for my special lady!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Brother

Thanks for the funny stuff...

Good Fishing!


Bryan, you actually can customize your web tracking color/style... try it... you will love it!

Look at that! I got one dot from the Europe... are that cute!! : )

cheech said...

cool web tracker!

Now I'm hungry. I need raw fish...