Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Recently, I start to dig out all the photos that buried deep in my hard drive. I like documentary/diary style photos a lot. I like to capture "the moment", no matter how usual/unusual it was... just a feeling. Like Cartier Bresson style. (Not a big fan of his work, I think Eugen Smith/Capa do a better job...) Anyway, I love ducumentary because it has stories in there and they remind you something intentional or unintensional.

This photo was taken in a countryside of western Wyoming, a nice breakfest in a early morning. The couple was a sweet one, there were no body sit on the opposite site of that booth. They like to "squiz in". I usually do that when sat with my parents, my buddies and my sweet heart, of course. This photo just remind me all the good memories!


yihsuan said...
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yihsuan said...

I like documentary photos, too.
especially by Eugen Atget
and Dorothea Lange.


Yeap! I love Atget's work as well!: )