Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Man Flyfish...


flyfishingunlimited said...

Hi Mark,

That's a beautiful rod. How would you describe the action/feel of the Norie Flex Tailor?



Hi Vlad,

It is 2/3 wt 7'. very soft! FULL FLEX. Me and Cameron cast it and we all agree they some how similar to Japanese yellow Fenwick action (a bit softer than Fenwick). It is more like a bamboo action... it has a much heavier swing weight than Lamiglass, but will exert some power from the butt section. A fun rod to fish... I bet it would be a awesome "vivid" rod when hook into a fish... : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Thanks Mark,

Sounds interesting and very nice for sure. I like the white color of the blank, too.