Friday, July 06, 2012

revisit fiberglass rod - little yuhina

revisit the little gem rod - fiberglass I built this rod about 5 years ago, it was a little 3 weight 6'6 from lamiglass brown blank. Now, it is discontinued sadly. What a little great rod for small creeks. bluegill or trout. feather light, smooth and a lot of feels...when hook a fish, it fight vividly. I can not image who will use ANY graphite rod if they can get their hands on one of those rods. The other day, I handed this rod to a friend to test. He never fish fiberglass rod before, and he told me. This is the best trout rod he ever fished. This just give you a example how good the modern fiberglass has become... like my friend Cameron said: walk with Cane, fish with fiberglass... graphite? they can be used for tomato planting... ha... just kidding.


flyfishingunlimited said...

Ha Mark, I remember this rod, a nice one! Those caramel colored Lami blanks were good and it is sad that they don't produce them anymore. The current honey tip over butt blank is very similar though. I have many good memories with 7' 3wt and 7'6" 4wt...but I prefer longer rods for the creeks I like to fish back in the Midwest.


Hey Vlad,

Indeed, the short rod only good for smaller waters. I also prefer 8 feet for bigger rivers. the Kabuto 5 weight 8 feet rod is perfect fro all around trout rod! great feel too! Mark