Tuesday, July 17, 2012

fiberglass switch rod - yellow beast

Fiberglass Switch Rod 8100, 8 weight 10 feet from yuhina on Vimeo.

home brewed from Lamiglas 9 weight 9 feet blank. you will think this little rod will take skagit 375 grain head?! (9-3 = 6 weight spey) NO no no... this yellow beast actually embedded a tremendous "butt power"; thus 375 grain won't load well until you start to jackup the head weight over 480 grain... I found a sweet spot on the 540 grain Airflo Skagit Switch. 540 grain @ 20'. If you familiar with this line, you know the reason this rod is called 'yellow beast'. It can cast anything you put on it... I mean "anything!" Cast well... great feel and good ol fiberglass "chewyness" rhythm! a 12 inches trout in a current will bend this rod, yet, it cast big stuff and small stuff really well. I am surprised that there are not much attentions drawn to those old fiberglass rod (yet). $35 blank cast better than my other $800 rods... the most interesting rod I ever owned! : )


FISH TALES said...

very sweet! would love to fish it.



The most surprising thing to me is how much "joy factor" this rod has given to me. It's a great "feel" rod in all levels. I have a lot different spey rods included the famous riverwatch bamboo... but nothing cast like this little yellow beast... if you can find a blank, you might want to try it out... it's "Jelly Good"!! : )
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John Jackson said...

how did you make a switch rod out of a 909? I'd like to do that too. Thanks