Friday, March 11, 2011


who doesn't like miso soup?! : ) I am a big fan of miso soup, it's one of the staple dishes to me. the secret of miso soup is to use the best miso you can get... then be sure not to mix the miso into the soup too early. You wait for the ingredients to fully cooked; usually tofu, herb meuga, onion and other stuff you wish (fish or other vegetable as i like).. then the finally step is just mix in some miso gently and few drop of rice wine and minced green onion. Never boiling the miso soup. It will reduce the rich flavor.
Check out this great blog - Savory Japan - for more information! great blog!


nell said...

Miso is one of my favorites! I never had it until I was near 20 years old...what a shame! It's what I crave when I am feeling under the weather. Great shot! I love all the tones of the miso and how the background fades away!


Thanks nell...
Yes! It is just a very soup to me! I felt energized after having them! : )

Oh... the photo is from the Savory Japan website, check it out, great blog!... (not my photo... I should have put a note on the photo...) : P