Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mark's summer plan

My brother BG sent me this summer plan this morning... make me so hard to sit still in the office

Bryan's plan - Draft 1-

Mark will be flying in style on the red-eye. He will be landing in Bozeman where he will be greet'd, then loaded into a truck. From there, he will be traveling to almost legendary Rick Matney's quaint and humble home. He will feast upon local killed game animals such as deer, elk, and who knows what else. Oh, and if lucky some almost famous RM Breakfast sausage . He will fish "river xcd6032-1.7q" for a few days while boating trophs with legit tested RM pattens. Shortly after he will exchange a hand shake and maybe a bro-hug from almost legendary Rick Matney. He will then be traveling through the beautiful canyon, through Yellowstone National Park, on his way to the majestic Henrys Fork. Here at the proving grounds Mark will then test his full year of theories, patterns and style on one of the most technical fishery in world. He will be seen sipping tea in the mornings at the lodge and sharing a natty-light beverage on the river banks with established living legends such as Rene' Harrop. He will probably break his stupendous 25 3/4" record that he holds over his dear friend BG, who is coming in short at a mere 24 3/16". From here the good Dr. will be visiting some new steams with 'secret' fish. Here he will be learning a new specie while quietly yet very intense-ly studying pretty much everything that has, or might have, DNA. And alas, the trip is nearing an end, so back to almost legend Rick Matney's lair for one last day of fishing, some grub and some whiskey. Before dawn he will be traveling to the Bozeman airport with another year of adventure under his belt :)


zane said...

sign me up!!


ha ha ha ha... sure!
see you this summer! Zane! : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

Sounds like a great plan, Mark !;-)


Ha... day dreaming is always the most power tool! : )
I can't wait to fish the Rockies again!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Oh damn. I want to go.


hey Cameron,
hopefully we will fish together soon!