Sunday, March 06, 2011

essential elements in life

What is the 3 essential elements in life? I am thinking this silly question while on my way to the museum of fine art in Boston. (the weather is 47F sunny BTW... Spring time is in the air : ) )
What is the 3 essential elements for me? sun, air, water? no. Those are foundation of life! How about family, friendship and love? no, although those are as important as foundation of life, but not the essential element of life in me. Ha... it is so fun to stripe myself down and think about what is the key player in my life. I need sun, air, and water to be able to stay thinking, I need family, friendship and love to reflect myself and be able to survival. How about myself alone? look inside myself, what constitute me? What make me happy and happy to be alive everyday? Those are got to be essential elements in life, in me!

Ah-Ha ... I got the answer! It's Science, Nature and Art. Those are 3 elements in life in me! Without Science, my life would be so bored... without Nature, I would look dull as hell...without Art? how could I express my appreciation to the bright color in Nature? Now, I feel my life is fulfilled!

I visited the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. It's HUGE! another amazing discovery! I walked in the door and said to myself... This place is amazing! I want to be here as much as possible. The architecture is such a great art itself. The exhibitions are way cool than what I expected... I just ran into several Egypt mummies and ancient art by accident, what a amazing imaginations of those ancient people... The most funny/inspiration thing I noticed is that they used a lot of animal figures into the decoration, snake, dog, birds. I noticed the wings patterns has been viewed as luck, bracing with peace, just like what we would think in the modern day. And I can tell there are some power and wisdom to the falcon figure. So cool to see those bird decorations! What a wonderful visit! Now, I am a member of MFA, so it is unlimited visits for a whole year! I can't wait to go back : )


flyfishingunlimited said...


Couldn't agree more with you! MFA is an amazing place-I used to perform there one season on Tuesday afternoons, many years ago. Another great (but smaller) museum is Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, just a short walk from MFA. I think you would like it, too!


Wow... Vlad,

You are good! Perform in the MFA Wow! That's awesome!!
I need to go back there soon, There are so many things that I just don't have time to see...
I will also check out the IS museum. I have heard it quite a unique place! Thanks!