Wednesday, November 03, 2010

new england living style

a couple weeks ago, a good friend from japan was visiting me... a great idea came across my mind that "it would be great to show her some traditional New England living style..."(although it's hard for a Alabamian to tell what is NE style! ha) I decided to visit my American Dad! The Baker family! We have been close friends for more than a decade. But because of distance, we got to see each other only every few years. It is so great to see the Bakers again! their house is amazing! Hundreds of acres of conservation forest was surrounded the beautiful house! no wonder there are always few black bears visiting apple trees in the front yard! Amazing place! I promised i will be back when the first snow come! the pizza, the local brewers... I can't wait! : )


nell said...

Ahhh, New England, and family, food, lovely homes, and magnificent colors! A very comforting post!


Thanks nell!

Indeed, It was a wonderful trip! The color are truly amazing! and the hospitality of NE style is just wonderful! now, I am looking forward to the snowy field! : )

心怡 said...

It was really unforgettable experience!!
Thank you so much Mark~
I love the family and cute house!
Please send my greeting to them when you see them next time.