Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Since I have to spend almost two hours in a train on my daily routine, I am trying to figure out what is the best way to recollect "values" from my time sitting with strangers. Reading! how wonderful to have this little Kindle! Just use it about a week and I absolutely love it! There are TONS of free books you can download from the internet. For a little fee, there are plenty of books and magazines on the internet for you to purchase. Just one click, the 3G model will bring the hottest issue in this device just in a second! I also can check my email or browsing websites if I want! But for me, after sitting in front of my computer whole day, I refuse to spend anytime in browsing internet... All I want is a nice little story from a e-book, or, better yet, some good writing from Mike Kinney!


Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...can you read PDF files on the Kindle? I have a couple books to pass along then.


Yes, Cameron
it read PDF. I would love to see some of your collection! Thanks!