Friday, May 01, 2009

Joan Wulff - FF "the internal hope".

"Double haul"? That's right! This lovely lady - Joan Wulff. I learned fly casting from her DVD. Still one of the best fly casting DVD in the market. It's just a pure pleasure to learn all the tricks from her, from the DVD. Single hand castings mostly involved in a back and forth motion. Feel the line travel through in the air, feel the rod load and the loop zip though smoothly. I enjoy casting as much as fishing. Joan mentioned there is something special about fly casting and fishing. It's a best example of "internal hope". Always next cast, a big one is waiting!


Anonymous said...

I love this video. Joan is a goddess, and has been my inspiration my whole life of fly angling.


Hey Hannah,

It's great to know Joan is such a important person in your life. I think it's really our fortune to have those wonderful people around! I personal enjoy her videos a lot. The clarity, the good sense of humor... I hope I could meet her in person in the near future.

I think the horizontal casting of double hauls is unbelievable simple, one of the brilliant idea in her instructions.

Anonymous said...

When I grew up in the bush, I didn't have access to movies, tv or many magazines or books, but even so, I knew of Joan. Of the few fly fishing materials we had in the beginning, she was prominent in most.

I think she has such an eloquent way of describing the actions, and of course, to watch her cast is effortless and inspiring.

She does seem to have a great sense of humour, and I would be honoured to meet her. Hopefully that can happen one day. You said near you know something I don't? :)


Your story is also very inspiring! : ) I understand what you said! I grew up in a aboriginal tribe too. I ate the wild animals even before I know their names. The respectful philosophy of the native people have always heavily influenced my view of life.

No. I don't have any indoor info... I just thought I will attend more FF shows in the near future and hopefully I will shake my hands with her.