Thursday, May 14, 2009

FF - simple life edition

Fly fishing is a life style to me, and it could get very complicated sometimes... However, every once of awhile a angel will land on my shoulder and told me... it's time to go simple... simple life as it is... and it is the beauty of flyfishing. You can go either direction and it's all fun.

a simple click and pawl reel and a fiberglass rod? YES, I was fish this little click and pawl reel the other day... for... stripers... ha... I was expecting a catastrophic result since the striper here are notorious in their bad temper. But due to the brain washing from a sentence in the DVD "running down the man", it said: "bare foot, one rod and a fly, it's your skill against them" (he is talking about stalking a giant rooster fish from the beach).

I decided to give it a try... sneak up a interesting holding water, few cast in a small pocket water, the line was zipping through the bobbles... the reel was screaming like a little girl.... OMG... here we go again... the click and palm really is the whole world spell at that full 3 minutes. I was so lucky that I landed one and lost one that day. it's a great fun to go simple...great fun to connect to the wild in a simple way and feel the vivid pauses of life.
A spiritual mentor Mr. Lee Wulff in action..

great couple...Lee and Joan Wulff...I love this DVD a lot!

Just in case, you miss this master piece from Mozart... flyfishing and classic music! man... I call it "life is good!" : ) Thanks Youtube!

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