Monday, May 18, 2009

fish simple, fish with confidence

Just saw this great post on the Rogue Angels by Whitney Gould who is the champion spey caster in 2009 Spey-o-rama and pro-staff in C.F. Burkheimer Rod.
Fish simple, fish with confidence! That's great! "Simple" is not a ultimate goal, instead, simple is a philosophy in the fishing process. Fish with the way you like and enjoy every bit of it... that's "the simple". Sure, it can be simple in gear fashion as well... "one fly, one rod, bare foot, it's your skill against them!" (Quote from Running Down The Man DVD). I like fish with a very simple mind, simple tackle. The mind go to the state that imagine the fly swim, feel the flow. It's zen kind of simple. John Gierach said, if your fly have 10% of chance to catch a fish itself, and if you fish it with full confidence, actually you can bounce the chance up to 15-20 %. True! Check out the link.


Anonymous said...

so true mark, I think it is simple, and the more simple the better. Also, I think having confidence in your fly helps make it work, the Raggedy Andy is the perfect example


Thanks Andy,

I thought you are not suppose to name that "secret fly"! : P

Can't wait to fish them again! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yep - less is more. Too many options and suddenly you spend all your time with your fly out of the water rigging up every gosh darn concoction there is. Sure, there is always a magical pairing, but really, how much time did it take to find out? In the meantime until you find the "perfect" (is there such a thing) setup, keep your fly in the water and have patience. Remember the worm and willow pole days? I certainly don't use bait anymore, but hey - those days were simple and the gear cheap. ;


Exactly! Well said! FFG

all boil down to a simple connection. And a good fisherman should not take too much advantages from the fish... ha... I surely miss the "worm and pole" days!! : )