Saturday, March 15, 2008

>65 fish in 4hrs

Martin rose the bar again...
two people, two fiberglass, one canoe, one afternoon, and... a group of hungry fish... "3 casts without strike?!" : New definition of slow fishing :P We had fun!


BG said...

Fish slayers indeed! That sounds like a great trip! Great shots!

Every time I see that reel, (lower pic) I remember how smoooooth it is. Who makes that again?

take care


Hey Bryan,

This is "hunting in a zoo" not really proud of it... but FUN : p

We just set a new record this weekend... 6 hours >130 gill and bass!

The reel is Dannielson (Loop) "midge"... I think you are referring my other reel Loop Evotec... that one is smoth... But the "midge" is not... no drag actually, just a line holder.... but the large arbor really help! And, most important, I love the "sexy curve" : ). Take care, brother... more photo to come after work!

flyfishingunlimited said...

Wow, Mark, what a nice bluegill! Those little "bad boys" fight like crazy on a light glass rod.

Looks like a great day on the water!


Thanks Vlad,

If I say I love gill more than bass...probably only few people can understand... But I am sure you are the one who understand what I am saying : P

the line just simply cut through the water and SCREAMING... no kidding... this one really put a scary bend of my 3 wt and the vivid zig-zag running is just unbelievable! : )