Tuesday, December 14, 2010

spey casting and feel ...

Fly casting has been one of the most important fun elements in my fishing experience. For me, it is all about the “feel”. No only make a delivery casting, but also feel the whole authority and “cleanness”. What I mean feel is to fulfill all other elements that other than just “delivery”. More like driving a stick shift car in a mountain road. Listening the engine roar and gently feel the curves and make a perfect glide through the mountain. I guess you can call it an art form when you reach the state of “car-man as a whole”.
For modern spey casting, there are two popular casting types in the shooting head system - Scandinavian and Skagit styles. Each of them are both fun! both have designed to delivery (very) different flies in different situations. During the summer time, when fish small flies close to the surface, I like to use the Scandinavian casting style. Scandi casting style also is one of the easiest method/style to learn. Naturally, it won’t require too much experience in lifting the line (compare to long line). Make a reasonable lift, a reasonable anchor, then throw the line away…you will get a reasonable sharp loop! It’s that simple. Part of the reasons is hiding behind the Scandi line taper. The triangle taper of the Scandinavian shoot head has more of the line weight close to the rod tip, the hang junction. Thus it is very friendly and forgiving for beginners. If you have been thinking to try some spey casting… don’t hesitate, scandi head is very easy to learn.

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