Saturday, December 18, 2010

in love memory of Chili

if I ever wanted a fishing dog, that would be Chili-like, brave, smart, gentle and understanding. In the past few years, the trips could not be that much fun without this brilliant partner. At day, she float calmly with her own day dreaming, or sweeping away by the strong currents; edge walking along steep cliff without any complain. At night, she lay quietly beside campfire and ignore our exaggerated fishing stories. When we sleep unconsciously in the tents, she is in full alert of any bear activities or ...em... porcupine. It is tough, very tough to say goodbye to this young lady... but I am sure she was having a good time with Grizz. The two essential elements that make our memories so great and enriched with love! R.I.P my friend, you have been an amazing!

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