Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zipcast fly line dressing

Time after time, the fly line will gradually accumulate dirt and become less "slicky",and doesn't float well. When it get old, it is time to bust out some fly line dressing, or cleaner to rejuvenate the line. It is very important to proper clean the line. Not only they will float better, shoot further, but also it will make you have better control of the line. Especially during short double haul casting, the dirty line will thwart re-feed the line in the back-casting and created line control problems. There are many kind of fly line dressing on the market, most of them are Silicone based. For those kind of line dressing, you squirt some on cloth and run though the line, wait few hours and buff them off. The Rio X agent and Umque line dressing are belong to this kind. I am NOT impressed with those Silicone dressing at all, because it only increase a bit performance, and sometime old dressing could become "sticky" and ruin the whole line.
What I have found lately, is a review article from globalflyfisher LINK The review is so tempting that I have to try it myself... the result? Oh man, I love this thing... it is super easy and super "slicky". It is Teflon based dressing, just run it though your line once or twice, you are good to go. The Zipcast is alcohol like solution, so you will feel everything go away except the lubrication remain on the line. I absolutely love this thing! I order them directly from the dealer, email: www.flyreeldots.com
Jerry is such a gentleman to deal with. Just shoot him a email and you will become another firm believer, World's finest fly line treatment!
As a side note, you might want to clean your rod guides with the zipcast as well. As the old saying goes: "It take two to tangle"! This will reduce the fraction between line and rod guides and dramatically increase the smoothness of fly casting! Great stuff!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark, that's nice... Zipcast! Been reading about it for a long time, but always end up using the readily available SA 3M product-I get lazy! I will have to try it...soon :-)

Have a nice weekend!



nice!Vlad, I figure salt guys might already know this product, they seems more care about line shooting ability! : ) I am going to show it to some western guys in the trip!