Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CF Burkheimer 1015

How lucky am I that be able to test cast the CF Burkheimer from Brian Styskal. This is a real big gun, 10 weight 15 feet. two different tips for different casting situations, specially designed for competition (and fishing). Brian is one of the finest distance spey caster in the world... He was placed in the 4th in Spey O-Rama 2010. I feel a lot of spirits and energy by just holding this rod... more report to come! Check out Kerry's website CF Burkheimer.


flyfishingunlimited said...


Nice rod, and very pretty too. I am sure it is a great caster, too.

I just finished my summer semester yesterday-time for vacation feels good ;-)


Hey Vlad,

Nice to hear from you! That's awesome!! I am looking forward to read your report! I still have couple weeks to go, then it would be the annual vacation! take care brother! Have a good one! : )

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...what a stunning looking two hander. 15 foot long? That is quite a tree but I bet it can cast!


Hey Cameron,

I just did a bit test casting in my front yard. this rod is lighter than what i thought... responsive and quick... very nice rod!

oldsmugglerflyfishing said...

You are very lucky! it´s hard to see a beatiful rod like this here in South America.

Tell us how was it!!!

All the best.


Thanks OSF,

It is a gorgeous rod, I will post the test later.