Thursday, April 15, 2010

a reel named after me...

finally come! a reel named MARK! I am so excited! my heart was pumping hard when the mailman came and my hands were shaking when I open the box, from The Red Shed Shop. This reel will be used to balance my ugly long stick 16' Scott G. It's made in USA too! Thank you Poppy! : D


Hitoshi said...

Hey Mark,

It's a good reel

I want small trout size


Ha... thanks Hitoshi,

ORGEE Dae Sue!

it's huge!(16 Oz!) but that is one of the main reasons I want it... to balance my ugly stick... : )

flyfishingunlimited said...

That's a beauty Mark... enjoy it!!


Thanks Vlad,

I enjoy it a lot! It is a piece of art and such a wonderful craftsmanship! It is still a bit light on the 16' rod. But I think it is OK for now... maybe some years later I will get the bigger brother 4"75 Alta : )

Yun said...

Hello Mark,

It's a very nice spey reel.
Is this Saracione reel gold/black or silver/black?

I want a small size too.Maybe 31/2.


Hey Yun,

Thanks! It is! I love it!

This is a silver/black version (I will add more photos later). Although it is 4 inches in diameter, the space is just good enough for the 720 skagit head and sufficient running line plus backing. I think this is good for 13-14 ft rod up to 8/9 weight. For my 16' 10/11 weight, this is a bit too small (but it really looks good on that rod!)... If you are looking for a smaller version 3"75 or 3"5 be sure you have enough room for the head or long line.
I got this one from Red Shed Fly Shop (Poppy), he can answer any kind of question! : )