Friday, April 23, 2010

read the nature and digest it slowly

It has been a amazing Spring to me,although we had just experienced the coldest weather during the past 25 years. The season switches just in a blink of eye. Now, the birds (house finches and eastern bluebirds)are fully in their breeding speed,and the trees are already in it's power green mode. I am doing some field research again this year, really, this is a wonderful treat to me to be able to depart from the lab, make a excuse and walk in the woods just made me feel so good. I feel being part of the land again. All the good green power reminded me a lot of my student life,it's a book about camping and living in the mountains! Camping in a woods, sleep under big trees with camp fire, and watched the stars shining through the canopy is just the best 5 star bed. It make me feel comfortable as if I am in the womb. There is no lie. I love living in the mountains! There are so much creatures to see, so much things to learn. And if I do learn, they are some secret to tell from the forest. I do learn something from the woods of Alabama, the dogwoods bloom and the striped bass will run. I am anticipated in this wonderful season and enjoy every bit of it! : )
Side note:I think I should write my fishing/ outing report more often, it will remind me all the good times! The idea of writing is inspired by a wonderful website - Slow Fishing - Check out Yun's awesome photos and reports! LINK


Yun said...

Hello Mark,
Thank you for the cool introduction of my website.

flyfishingunlimited said...


Great photos and I like the idea of writing reports...


Hey Yun,

I enjoy it a lot! Great works!! Hope one day I will visit those cool places! : )

Thanks Vlad,

I just realized one day I am gonna missing all those great waters in AL... got to do more photos and writings for this final season!