Monday, February 15, 2010

new Ayu wallet

I am so excited to obtain this Ayu wallet from a local shop. The work is nothing short of extraordinary. The texture and the fish scale and the color! Man! This is the one great craft from a Japanese artist! As good as Marc's work! I have to add... I even show the store owner my beloved fly wallet from Marc Rowdy and he is really impressed too! : )


Cameron Mortenson said... impressive! I can't wait to check that out in person. I hope you are having a wonderful trip, taking many photos, and bring back stories to tell.


Hey Cameron,

I wish you were here with me! It has been a great trip, friendships and also for food's sake actually... @@ we have ate a tons great food... and drinking Guinomi.
There are some interesting Tenkara rods too... the whole bamboos Tenkara which is among the most traditional styles... wish I could afford those babies... : ( I am excited to visit Hitoshi san too... : )