Sunday, January 10, 2010

woods hole oceanographic institute
A great film of expedition in Greenland.
Global Warming Q&A. Something you want to know...

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (Boston) - One of the greatest oceanic research institute in the world. I have no idea about this institute, until my best friend, shih-nan got a post-doc position there. Gradually, he shared some interesting stories with me and tell me about how cool this research institute is. There are many interesting articles and films in their webpages. Check it out! LINK. Also some interesting facts about the Global Warming. Noted: Wired enough, despite the cold front strike us in this week, my mind is still full of worries about global warming, and of course, we have the major responsibility for this problem. BTW, shih-nan is a avid fly fisherman, dedicated his leisure time in pursuing sea-run brook trout!


BG said...

ah woods hole... reminds me of my commercial fishing days. nice post!


ah... the prehistorical golden age of... the bluefin! COOL