Tuesday, January 05, 2010

what is "BLOGGING"


A recent thought came out of a friend's blog: see LINK A very interesting thought and worth to take a minute to think about "blogging".

What and why doing blog? I have ask this question to myself more than a dozen times after 4 years of blogging... here is my blogging philosophy - It is as simple as a fishing log. I started my blog right after I read a friend's fishing log,and website. Worldanglr.com LINK I printed his fishing log and read it many many times. I love Ryan's writing a lot, he is one of a hell angler, writer and traveler. I felt I am fortune enough to know him through the internet. Even fortunate enough to have read some of his private writings that are waiting for publication. What make his writing so good? I am not sure, maybe is his honesty?! His style is simple and flow naturally just like a gen clear creek from the mountains... Sometime it is like a old and wise hunter that telling me all the stories. Any way, I love his fishing log, so I created my own version to record the life of fishing.

Unfortunately, as you can tell, I am so busy and clumsy in words, and of course maybe a bit lazy... so, most of my blog entries turns out become "a photo a day"... "lazy stay"... most of the entries are just a photo and a sentence... it really does make my parents and families happy though... at least they know I am still "kicking" HA. So my blog is in very simple, form it just a fishing log. Thus, I did not really encounter the competition mode (mood) that others has been experienced. or might have a thought about it. The reality is I really don't care if I have followers or some "fans"... I am simply happily to share some fishing stories with the internet readers and,most importantly, myself!

Why myself?
Well, it is writing a diary for myself in next 30 years or 50 years if I am lucky. I love the concept of keeping a diary for the future me. Quiet honestly, how surprisingly I forget all the details and how much I have been changing regard to living style and philosophy to live by. And those aspects are quite interesting to be aware of. I might not be into flyfishing again, I might be getting even more crazier about flyfishing later in life. But what if I forgot I have done in the past... the blogger keep doing a great job for me, all the thought are achieved by date, on the internet. I can dig out any day and any photos, if I can access the internet... how cool! Thanks blogger! Of course, my life is not all about fishing... that is the reason I still keep a personal diary, unpublished! : ). Anyway, I encourage you to jump in to blog, if you are thinking to do so. It is a very neat internet experience, just be aware this is a place to share, not to harvest... do not SPAM your friends! : )


flyfishingunlimited said...

Great post, Mark! It is so true...the idea of a 'fishing diary' is the same reason I started blogging. Time flies by so fast, and sooner or later all those entries become valuable at least to us, if not to other people...


Thanks Vlad,
I also enjoy reading your blog a lot!

All great memories that money can't buy! : )