Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scott G 16'


finally got some time to do a bit test of this new baby rod. 16' Scott G 10 weight. Phew... every time i break out a new rod, good thing always happen... this time is a 32 inches striper... it's really exciting to see a 16' old scott rod bend to the butt... : ) this is a blurry image that I took over my TV screen... I only have the video footage... but this should be a good record for my fishing log here... (the fish took the same fly I use for striper, the orange version)


Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...where did you find a Scott "G" ten weight spey? I would like to see some more photos of that rod.

BIG FISH breaks it in wonderfully.

What reel do you have on it?

Marcus said...

Need to see more photos of the fish, too...

You are getting it done Mark.


Ha... Marcus,
I thought you want to see the fly rather the fish... : )

Cameron. It just a good timing and good luck when a old timer want to unload a bunch rods... I did not have many photos at this moment, but I will post more after next trip...
Obviously the Loop reel is too lite... I am looking (and saving)for something like salmon 3 reel... : P