Tuesday, October 20, 2009

boo booo

BULL Trout Rule!
It's my pleasure to be able to see those magnificent creatures up close. Although there are plenty of them up to Canada, bull trout has been labeled as threatened species in several states of lower continental US. Those fish are facing several huge challenges from habitat silting, high water temperature and cross breed with introduced brook trout. Although the places we catch them were legal and we did fair chase. I feel a bit distracting, however, about the confusing rules in some states we visited this fall. I confess I regret to lift the fish out of water, although it is legal to do so in this very place we fish. I won't do that again next time...


Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...I like how that one is saturated with the green jacket in the foreground.



It was one of my favorite lucky jacket! : )