Thursday, August 27, 2009

simpler is better?
Yes! Simpler means closer to the state of "a glimpse of the magic" which a flyfisherman spent all his life to pursue. I like cook simple! Direct instruction from a top chef back home.1) heat the pan, 2)few drops of olive oil, 3)fresh raw shrimp (with shell please),4) few salt. That's is one of my favorite dish! Fresh is the key. Just like a fresh creek roam free in a pristine forest. Over years, my fly pattern collection shrink dramatically. I can picture myself one day I will evolved, just like a old fly master in Japan, one fly, one rod and one man in a mountain creek! Check out a nice blog. LINK
Note: 1), I won't give up my reel too easily. 2)add some garlic would be good too! : )

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